Oral surgery involves treating teeth and tissues of the mouth.
Most oral surgery procedures are not intensive requiring a hospital stay.

For example, tooth extractions are a form of oral maxillofacial surgery, but often takes just minutes, usually requiring only a local anesthesia.
At Smile MakeOver, oral surgeries are usually performed in our treatment rooms or in our operating room.

Other common types of oral and maxillofacial surgery include:

Gum reshaping (to even out a gummy smile),
Dental implants (to replace missing teeth)
Jaw surgery (to smooth the jawbone after an extraction).


At Smile MakeOver Dental Clinic, we routinely perform the following oral surgery procedures:

Removal Of Implants
Cyst Removal
Sinus Lifting
Bone Grafting
Cleft Palate
Cleft Lift

Oral surgery today is also much more advanced.
Laser technologies make procedures more comfortable, more precise and less time-consuming.